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So here I am at work sitting here trying to think of what I can say about our new outcall escort (besides the usual young, beautiful, sexy bit that every London escort agency site out there throws at you nowadays) Silvia to make things a little new and exciting and maybe a little bit interesting for you to read about but not having any luck at it; I was really hoping to but I´m not sure if I can or not. Then it HIT me; there is an old joke or saying that I remember seeing as a young kid in numerous places while I was growing up. It´s not really a dirty joke I guess depending on how you look at it; it may not even really be a joke at all, maybe it´s more like just an amusing and funny little limerick. I´m going to make you keep reading to find out.  ; ) OK so I found myself one day in a grocery/retail store and low and behold Mother Nature was calling me. (I had to use the bathroom) So I go to where the john is and enter the stall and proceed to do my thing. At the age I was at it was a pretty common or “In” thing for teenagers to scribe words/names/phone numbers on the walls. I never really got in in to doing it much besides just leaving my first name and that I was there on that date; for example “Joe was here 6-10-80” No, my names not really Joe if you are wondering. Anyways… I’m sitting there and reading all the hogwash/bs type stuff on the wall of the stall and amidst all the scribbling I see someone wrote this; “People who write on bathroom walls roll their shi* in little balls, people who read these words of wit, eat those little balls of shi*” I thought it was pretty funny and surprisingly creative for someone who was sitting there on the crapper doing his thing. I could come up with some more good (and true) one’s for you but I´m sure you’re probably more interested in our new 20 year old Spanish escort Silvia so we´ll cut this off here. She´s better looking in person and very open minded; that means once the two of you get together you can use your creative skills in a better way, maybe in a way to try help each other feel good and get off?

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