25% Discount on Escorts for all Soldiers

Another Marine killed in Afghanistan and if you’re a soldier on leave from either of the ‘theatres of war’ and you can prove it, we’ll give you 25% off the price of an hours incall with one of our Escorts in Central London.

This whole business makes me so angry and every time I hear of another beautiful, courageous, young man having his life taken away, I get more angry. Of course don’t forget, for every young guy killed, there are probably 3 that you don’t hear about because they’ve ‘only’ had their arms and legs blown off, or suffered brain damage or blindness..these are the casualties you don’t even hear about.

Our troops have paid a huge price for Tony Blair’s determination to appear on the World stage. It’s worked out fine for him…his face is familiar to most people abroad, he’s secured lucrative advisory posts and makes six figure sums for public speaking etc. Just take a look at the map of the World for a second, if you look closely you’ll just about be able to make out the UK, a tiny spec. That’s how important we are really in World politics, we’re a spec of dandruff on the Worlds shoulder but thanks to Blair were high profile as far as terrorists are concerned. When was the last time that Al Quieda bombed Switzerland or Austria or Germany or France. They are safe and below the parapet and getting on with looking after there own people at home.

What we need to do is expand the work of the UN or set up another body similar to it. If we argue that we’re in Iraq or Afghanistan to defend Western Democracy, then it has to be done with the full co-operation of the West and any action takes place under the blue beret. Every other country has to send its troops and these decisions made on a World stage, not because Blair wants to play the Statesman.

God I’m wound up now….where’s Roxy’s healing hands when you need them?


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