Blonde or Brunette plus the Asian Conundrum

Blonde Escort or Brunette Escort, I’m fascinated to know how you choose which you prefer. Is is because you believe that old saying that Blondes have more fun? Having worked in this Industry for some time I can tell you that that is not the case…some of the most fun I’ve had in my life has been when there hasn’t been a blonde escort in sight.

You only need to take a look at Playful Escorts – London Most Popular Escorts Agency website to see that we have a whole host of different girls of all shapes and sizes. I think we do cover the Blonde Escort genre pretty well, but the Brunette Escorts are equally well represented and they’re all equally impressive. The fact is that most latina women are brunette’s, certainly our girls from South America tend to be dark and sultry..any that are blonde tend to be because they want it that way, rather than a genetic see, they’re believing the hype as well.

I think they actually think that they will get more bookings as a blonde escort rather than a brunette escort. For us, we know it doesn’t make a difference and so we don’t get involved, it’s their call.

One thing that would be nice is is you are an Asian Escort  or an Asian Girl thinking about becoming an Escort if you’d consider working with us. Asian Escorts are always so difficult to encourage to work with an English agency..they all seem to stick together and it baffles me as to why that it. I hope it isn’t something sinister. Maybe if you are an Asian Escort (how you would happen upon this article I don’t really know so I’m not holding my breath) but if you are reading this maybe you could explain to me why you always end up on Asian sites. You should consider the old it better to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond…by that I mean if you’re the only Asian Escort on a website with all nationalities on it, I think it personally more likely that you are going to get booked.  For us guys trawling through site after site with nothing but Asian women to choose from can be a little confusing.

So please if you’re an Asian Escort, give us a call, we don’t bite, we’re very friendly and you are totally free to work with us or leave and scurry back to your Asian website if you’re not happy with the clientele you’re getting.

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