Blonde Vs Brunette Escorts

How many years has this same questioned been asked by men from all corners of the globe? Which do you prefer? Blondes or brunettes? More often than not most guys will tend to have a favourite, there are not too many that sit on the fence, and let’s not forget about dark (black) haired girls and of course the much maligned gingers. Variety is often described as the spice of life, I am sure that many of you have heard the saying that ‘blondes are more fun’, but unless you have had the experience of both you will never really know, hence the importance of variety. Using our London escort agency will provide you with that spice and variety as we have different girls to suit every kind of taste, from blondes to brunettes, dark haired to gingers, we can provide you with a girl that ticks your favourite box.

You could even decide to take up the challenge yourself, why not spend an evening with one of each of our girls and make up your own mind. You could do this all within the space of one week and by Friday night in the pub you could be giving all of your mates your definitive conclusion as to whether blondes are indeed more fun than brunettes, or maybe it would be the other way around, there is no doubting that all of our girls are fun but your personal opinion would be interesting for both you and your mates.

A fun experiment would be for you and your mates to try out the little challenge and come together at the end of it to discuss your findings, 4 nights with 4 different escorts in London would surely be the most enjoyable experiment conducted by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

If money is a little tight and you can’t afford a whole night with the girls then this is not a problem either as you could just spend an hour or two with each of them, take them for a drink or for a meal or spend a bit of intimate time at home with her.

I myself am a fence sitter, one minute I prefer some of our blonde escorts in London and the next I think that I prefer the brunettes, but one thing I can say conclusively is that all of the girls are incredibly sexy and you will have a good time with whichever one that you choose despite their hair colour.

So next time your arguing with a mate about whether blondes or hotter than brunettes why not suggest that little experiment to him and see what he says, if you both want a final answer to this age old question then this is surely the best and most fun way to get that answer, just make sure that you are not taking notes in front of the girls.

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