Celebrating Your Birtday with London Escort Girl

I hate birthdays – my birthdays, that is. Every year I think it’ll be better, but somehow I’m always left feeling disappointed. Perhaps it’s because I was spoiled as a kid, and it gets ingrained in you that birthdays are supposed to be hugely fun and exciting. I’d realised by the age of about twelve that this was a high standard to live up to year after year, and I think I’ve never quite made my peace with this disparity between my five-year old self’s excitement and reality. If I try to ignore my birthday and treat it as any other day, I end up feeling particularly neglected and sorry for myself – how have I got so far away from parties, balloons and parental doting?! On top of that I tend to get quite down about the aging process and can’t believe I’m a new age again before I’d even had time to get used to being the old one (the London escorts girls offer some comfort by saying I look several years younger!)

A few times I have attempted to make my birthday what it should be by arranging some kind of celebration, but so far they have all fallen far off the mark. Somehow they’ve all felt a bit flat, and things tend to go wrong a lot. Often it just ends up being a few of us sitting in the pub on a Tuesday night because it was about all we could muster. I assumed that when I got to a proper adult age I would be able to simply enjoy my birthday for what it is, with a good group of friends, and accept it for what it is without all the angst. Hasn’t happened yet, though!

Generally these days I’ll buy myself a lavish gift on my birthday to compensate for the negative emotions and give me something to look forward to rather than dread. Last year I got a ‘new’ car. This year I’m going to get a fancy new coffee table. Wooo.

I think many people probably share a dislike of birthdays. I know it’s fairly common for our busty escorts in London to be booked as a ‘me treat’, or sometimes on behalf of friends. The date can be intended as a celebration or a consolation, but from what I’ve heard the clients always seem to end up celebrating regardless! This is entirely understandable, of course. I mean, what better way to remind you of the great things in life than to share a cosy dinner with a sexy blonde escort in London? If you’re feeling your age and worried about loosing your looks or charm, spending time with a gorgeous London escort who is there just for YOU can be a great way of getting some reassurance. And if you ask nicely, she might even sing Happy Birthday to you. Now that would make a birthday to remember!

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