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Yesterday while working at the London escort offices I received an email from a guy I’d tentatively just hired to sort out some trees in my back garden at home, since I’d got some complaints from the snotty next-door neighbours about the trees being too tall and blocking out their light. Their positioning means this is actually almost impossible, apart from about forty minutes in the evening, but hey, that’s another story…

Anyway, the guy I’d been in contact with about the work really annoyed me yesterday with the tone of his email. He’s not been especially friendly before but his credentials had checked out and his price seemed to be about the best on offer in my area, so I hired him despite misgivings about his tone through email and phone calls. This email was almost blatantly rude, however, and I felt he was being quite patronizing. Why would I know anything about tree surgery?!

So it was with a slightly heavy heart that I opened the door to this guy this morning, already thinking that I might just cancel the job altogether if he did indeed turn out to be an arsehole. I was surprised, therefore, to be greeted by a friendly guy with a warm smile and gentle way of speaking – the same person who’d been verging on rude in his last email. As I showed him the trees and got him a cup of tea I was somewhat astonished at how polite and intelligent he was – we even got talking about our pet cats and the building works at the local sports stadium! I realized as he spoke, that the tone I’d misinterpreted in his emails wasn’t rudeness but a kind of shy, comical bluntness – definitely not intended to cause offense.

This incident caused me to reflect, not on the first time, that many people give a false impression of themselves when communicating via email or text, not purposefully, but just because something doesn’t match up between their speaking and writing voices. I think this type of contact needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, as it’s possible a lot gets lost in translation.

And it works the other way too of course – some people can come across as very jokey and friendly in their emails, but in reality can turn out to be quite dry and difficult to chat to.  Photos can give false impressions too – if you see any of me you’ll notice that I always look as if I’m scowling, but in reality I’m nice, honest!

I once spoke to a client on the phone who wanted to book a blonde escort in London or a busty escort in London for the first time but had been looking at their photos on the website and found himself slightly intimidated by their model looks and poses! I had to reassure him that the London escorts were actually highly personable and not like aloof models at all! Luckily he believed me and is now one of our most loyal clients.

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