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We have clients with all sorts of different taste’s. We understand that the perfect London Escorts come in all shapes and sizes pretty much like our clients do. Personally I can’t say I’m into big girls. Not even if they are Busty Escorts…if they are carrying a lot of excess pounds as well as the huge tits then I’m afraid that turns me off.

When I think about it I’ve always really been a legman. I love an Escort Girl in black stockings and has to be suspenders for me because I like all those straps and little bits of  ribbon and lace…a lot of girls only use the holdup now…well they are easier for them, but I just love gently putting my hand up a woman’s skirt and coming across that enticing mixture of flesh and elastic and more flesh and nylon and then four seemingly tensile steel cables that are holding the whole thing together, just waiting foe the master technician to release them.

I know that Frank Skinner in one of his shows said that he finds that as her gets older ‘doing it’ from behind he finds the girl seems to drift away from him somehow…well Frank, suspenders are the answer old chap…get a strong grip much like a race jockey would with a temperamental filly and hold on for dear life. This however is just my preference, that is why we have so many different London Escort girls on the site, Black Escorts, Latina Escorts, Busty Escorts, Mature Escorts, pretty young things new to this business and older more experienced Escort girls who just deliver time and again.

You’ll find whatever you desire here at Playful Escorts it’s the Agency that caters for the whole of London.

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