Big Brother is Coming

I don’t think I will have to explain to any of you what Big Brother is, for the last decade we have all at some point indulged in what can only be described as the most annoyingly addictive yet rubbish show on television. Everyone watches it, no matter what they say, they have some slight interest in the show at the very least, some of the London escorts really like it, and the others don’t like it at all but they have all watched it and they all know exactly what has gone on in the last few seasons of the show. Last summer Channel 4 made a big deal about it being the final season of the show, most of us didn’t really believe that they were really going to end one of their most popular and controversial shows but they did, the last show aired and everyone believed that was that. But surprise, surprise, the show is back this year but instead it is going to be on Channel 5, yep, Channel 5, I can sense you cringing already.

A couple of the escorts in London have already started to get a bit excited about it and there has been a lot of talk around the London escort HQ as to whether or not people would ever go on the show and how bad it is likely to be now that it has been moved to the television wasteland that is known as Channel 5. The conversation got me thinking what exactly would be the most entertaining incarnation of the Big Brother show, and of course the first thought that came into my head was how great it would be (mainly for us guys) to have a London escort special of Big Brother. There is no better way to garner the interest of a group of guys then putting a group of hot girls in a house together and perhaps a sprinkling of other guys that can help them to lower their inhibitions. Not that this show is likely to happen but it is a nice thought especially when you compare it to the kind of people that they will actually put in the house, if you thought the Channel 4 show was bad just imagine what the Channel 5 show is going to be like, I don’t think it is going to be pretty by any stretch of the imagination.

Never the less it is still highly likely that we will all watch it, the London escorts will talk about it and the newspapers will write about it. It isn’t happening until the end of summer though so enjoy your summertime with a London escort before the addiction returns.

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