Bidding farewell to your favourite escort

Let me start off by saying that Escorting, especially in London, is a very dynamic and fickle business. Escorts, like all other professional groups, consist of those who stay for the short, medium and long terms, those who try it once or twice, and those who work sporadically. Your favourite Playful Escort, who is unfortunately no longer on the site, could fall into any of these categories.

Among the most popular reasons for their unavailability are:–

1. She has returned to her home country. Many London Escorts are only here for a short period of time, and they come from all corners of the globe. Many enjoy living the London life for a few months or years, and then decide that they’d like to return to home, or have to because their visa has come to an end.

2. She has decided to ditch this country and go travelling. Remember that most Escorts are young and adventurous. She needs to get rid of some of that wanderlust.

3. She’s decided to pursue other interests. You know as well as I do that Escort Girls are often very intelligent and ambitious. They’re going places, exploring other career paths even while working as an Escort, and then the time becomes right to transition to something else.

4. She’s moved on to another Agency. Yes, it does happen. Sometimes these girls need larger fees than are given in a cheap escort agency such as ours. In this case, we thank them very much, and wish them the best of luck.

Now, there are many other reasons for the absence of your London Escort. Sometimes, your favourite girl is everyone else’s least favourite. And as much as we value your support, its hard to work with her just for your sake.

We know its hard accepting the fact that the beautiful angel you shared some incredible times with is no longer available. But, if you look at it, you could cherish it as a very special memory. You could be the memory of the sweet guy who brought Rosita from Colombia flowers on her first birthday away from home, and helped to make her day so much brighter. You could have also helped Abby from the Midlands get to sketch the temple in Angkor Wat, and provided much needed comic relief to Busty Escort Anna while she studied for her Bar Exam. So, look at the bright side.

You’ll have great memories, and an even greater selection of Escort Girls with whom to have new and more exciting experiences.

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