Best Bonus for Winter Season for Our Clients

A timely reminder to our regular clients and those who have the fortune to stumble onto the best cheap escort London agency: set your clocks back this Sunday.  British summer time is coming to an end, and you’ll have an extra hour to snuggle under the sheets instead of making your way out to work in the deepening darkness.

I’m a big fan of the clock falling back and I’m sure that many of our escort girls are as well.  When it gets darker earlier and the barometer slowly inches downward closer to zero degrees, its nice to think that you’ve an extra hour to laze about and get yourself ready for the day. There are few things more delightful than that half an hour lie-in before layering yourself like a onion to head out. Perhaps an early morning visit by one of our lovely escort girls will make the lie in all the sweeter. We’re one a handful of escort agency London to be open virtually 24 hours, so I the urge for some company hits you at 4 am, give us a ring and we’ll do our best to get one of our great escort girls out to you as soon as possible.

She’ll probably appreciate the warmth of a good cuddle, and you can devote your time to getting her as hot as she looks. Although we want our girls to remain healthy and safe and warm, we’ve asked that they don’t wrap themselves up too tightly when coming by to see you.  Cute little dresses and stockings are still a part of the dress code, and jeans and heavy woollen trousers are banned. Besides, with the high calibre of escort girls London that are on our site, you have to admit that they look absolutely fabulous when dressed in a highly feminine way. Those mile long legs, curvy derrieres and fantastic busts deserve to be encased (barely) in well cut, form fitting dresses. As to what goes beneath them – well that’s something for you to aspire to find out. The current trends of black and red satin in women’s lingerie should be inspiration enough.

So forget the doom and gloom of short days and slashed budgets, and enjoy an extra hour in with one of our escort girls. They’ll happily make their way to you and leave you feeling bright and chirpy for the day ahead.

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