Belated Christmas Gifts

As per usual, a bit of snow falls in the UK and everything comes to a complete and utter stand still, a lot of people haven’t been able to get out of the country to commence their Christmas breaks, whilst others have been forced to stay indoors, not being able to go to work and even more worrying; not being able to do any of their Christmas shopping. Now that the snow on the ground is finally beginning to thaw, many of you will be in more of a mad rush than usual as the race to get all of your Christmas shopping done before the end of this week begins. If you are one of those struggling for ideas then why not consider hiring a London escort as a gift for a mate

Unfortunately I can’t help you with what to get your gran or your little sister, I am no expert on buying Christmas presents, the same box of chocolates that I buy my grandma every year is testament to that fact. But one gift idea that I have had this year has made up for all of that, the gift of a gorgeous escort in London. I know a lot of you will be thinking ‘but how am I supposed to give an escort to someone?’, well I am not a madman, of course I am not suggesting that you hire one of our girls, wrap her in wrapping paper, attach a bow and show up at your friends house, that would just be silly now wouldn’t it?

What this gift idea does is give you the chance to be creative and unique, for not creative enough to think of anything? Ok, let me give you an example, you could choose one of our busty escorts in London and use one of the pictures of her that we have posted on our website, you could then print that picture and attach it to a card with a message stating that the girl in the picture is your present to him.

I think that is a pretty good idea if I do say so myself, but this will only work if you are brave enough to choose a London escort that your friend will like, although all of our girls are very attractive, people can be fussy, so if you are not sure enough to do this then you could always give your friend an “IOU” stating that you will pay for a designated amount of time with one of our companies gorgeous London escorts.

It is a gift idea that cant really go wrong, there is no guy that I know that wouldn’t love to get a gift like that for Christmas, and if you are feeling generous then there is no better gift that you could give then a busty escort in London.

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