Being Your Barbie Girl

Working as a London Escort has it perks. Meeting great people from all walks of life and enjoying the best of London’s night life is a great way for me to spend my youth. Plus, it gives me a fabulous excuse to get glammed up every day. Every little girl remembers playing dress up. Lucky for me, I still get to. And its all for you baby.

Like most escort girls, I do like to party. I was at a club in Mayfair last week when I heard Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ and, according to sources (I was on my fifth glass of bubbly), I danced to that cheesy song as if it were the theme song to my life. In a way, it is. Barbie’s life is quite glam – she has an amazing wardrobe, travels extensively, and is the envy of all the other dolls. I’m sure the lack of reaction on Ken’s face with some of her outfits played a big role in their break up. We girls like to look good for our guys, so it helps to know what you like us to wear sometimes.

I’m surprised that a lot of my dates don’t make any special clothing requests. A serious clothes horse like myself has got tons of outfits yet to be worn (I can’t resist a sale and have no desire to), and would love to dress up for you. One of my more memorable dates wanted me to accompany him to a meeting with clients, supposedly as his PA. Before then, I’d never realised just how sexy a suit could be. His clients were definitely impressed – and none the wiser. Afterward, playing naughty secretary was so much fun!

So guys, if you’d like to see me in particular outfits, just let me know when you’re booking and I will most certainly oblige. If its a little out of the ordinary – a Bavarian maid costume may take some time to find – call me a day before you’d like to meet. There are few perks better than playing Barbie when you’re an Escort Girl.



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