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The international nature of a city such as London means that there are many people for a multitude of nationalities that have made it their adopted home. This includes many London call girls, who enjoy the many sights and delights on offer. The benefits of being an international city can be found everywhere, from the diverse range of cuisine on offer to the popularity of foreign language films at local cinemas. There are also many festivals which have been started to celebrate this melting pot of cultures, the most famous of which is the Notting Hill Carnival originally organised by the early West Indian migrants.
Yet it is undeniable that London is the capital of England, and retains some of the traditional English charm. The impressive architecture, the preservation of historical sites and the prevalence of the fish and chips shop are just a few of the uniquely English things that are obvious to the casual observer. And, for those requiring the best escort services in the City, there is also another treat in store; the company of a gorgeous English escort. These lovely ladies are affectionately referred to as English Roses, and are highly valued by gentlemen in search of an authentic English experience.  These ladies may possess the charm and grace often associated with all things English, but there is more to them that that legendary blushing skin and sweet lips. English escorts can be equally as fiery as their Latina counterparts, leaving you breathless with the raging passions lurking beneath their cool, calm demeanour.  These ladies carry themselves regally, and have an uncanny ability to adapt to changing environments with minimal effort.  This makes them often preferred by clients who are entertaining important guests, where the presence of one of these English roses can help to seal the proverbial deal.
Here at Playful Escorts, London’s best cheap escort agency, we were so pleased when Carrie Anne walked through our doors and asked to join the team. One look at this lovely lass will have you scrambling to meet her. She is well proportioned, with blond curls and a toned, athletic physique. Already she has proved to be a favourite with our regular clients, who are fascinated by the warmth that lurks beneath her reserved demeanour.
If you are a visitor to London, and want a classy English escort, we highly recommend booking a date with Carrie Ann.

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