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As we get older it is not always quite as easy to pay as much attention to our mates as perhaps we did when we were younger especially when a female comes into the equation, so sometimes it is nice to make up for such misdemeanours and what better way to do that then with one of the fine incall escorts London has to offer? When you get past a certain age you do not really buy your mates gifts for their birthdays. With most groups of guys the most common gift that they will give to a friend on their birthday is a drink in the pub. In my experience I have a collection of ‘gifts’ given to me by mates, these include a stolen beer glass from our local pub, an old book on ‘sex for dummies’, a homemade card with an embarrassing picture of me on the front, a DVD that actually turned out to be mine, a homemade voucher entitling me to a pint that I never actually received and last but certainly not least a “grow your own girlfriend” kit, I have lovely friends I know.

Occasionally it is quite nice to surprise a friend with something actually half decent but it is also quite difficult to pull something like this out of the bag. I have always find it difficult to look past the typically cliché presents that you get a guy like a DVD, a CD, a game etc. Well me and a couple of friends managed to buck the trend last week by getting one of our friends an escort in London for his birthday and his reaction to this gift alone was worth it. We picked out a few images of some London escort girls from the London escort directory, we know his type quite well so it was easy to select which of the girls he would take a liking to the most. We printed out some of the images that we found and cut them out, we then put them in a car d and wrote that he could take his pick of any of the girls and we would pay to hire her for him.

To say that his face lit up like a child on Christmas morning would be a bit of an understatement to be honest, he looked happier than someone that had just found out they were a lottery winner. It was nice to give a good mate such a surprise and such a treat and it can be done easily. If you want to give the gift of a London escort  to a friend you do not have to go about it in the elaborate fashion that we did, you could quite easily just inform your mate that you want to do it or if you want to go even more elaborate you could have it all arranged with the escort in London beforehand, either way you will go down in present giving history amongst your mates.

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