There are so many escorts London has to offer it is difficult not to feel a bit intimidated by how hot they are. As you get a little bit older it becomes difficult to accept the fact that your body does not work quite in the same way that it used to when you were younger. I remember running around playing football for hours on end without any ill effects when I was in my early teens, no muscle aches or cramps, now body parts the next day, just a ton of mud and grass stains and a whole lot of sweat but otherwise nothing too bad. This isn’t the case when you get older, you have to be careful, you have to make sure that you stretch and do all the right exercises. I kept finding that I was continuously getting little niggles and injuries whenever I played a bit of football or went for a run so one of the London escorts suggested a try out a bit of pilates or yoga and her advice ended up helping a great deal!

There are a lot of guys that feel as though they cannot do yoga or pilates because it is exclusive to women and they would feel a bit embarrassed to walk into a room full of women and start doing pilates or yoga and I shared this concern too. When the escort in London told me to try it out my original reaction was to laugh it off as something that I would never do, but in truth I was actually quite curious and I think the perceptive London escort stood in front of me could sense this. She offered to come along with me for my first session just to see if I would like it and so I would not feel too uncomfortable walking in as a man by myself in a room full of women. This did actually help quite a lot as it convinced me to go and give it a try, whilst I was actually there, apart from being slightly distracted at how flexible the London escort was I found that I really enjoyed it and didn’t at all feel uncomfortable or out of place and also that it was quite helpful to my troublesome legs.

I felt really good after the class and have since gone to many more, once, sometimes even twice a week and I do not need a London escort by my side to hold my hand either. If you are at all tempted to give pilates or yoga a go then don’t be scared and if like me you are a little weary of it then give one of the busty escorts in London a call, they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and would love to help you out by going to a class with you, not to mention it would be a little treat for you too.

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