A Week Away with Lads

I recently took a week off work at the London escort offices and went on a lad’s holiday to Magaluf. It was a bit early in the season but we sort of prefer it like that, before it gets ridiculously crowded. There were three of us – me, Mark and Jeremy, and it was the first holiday I’ve taken with these two guys (I met them at a motorcycle off-road training weekend a couple of years ago).

Now, I’m afraid to say, it was a lad’s holiday in its truest sense, with everything that that entails. We drunk far too much than was good for us, got thrown out of a couple of places and made the acquaintance of several pretty girls. I’m not proud of this behaviour – to be honest, I think for guys that have all just hit their thirties we should know much better, but I have a feeling it was possibly one last big blow-out before we consider trying to settle down seriously with someone.

The problem is, although Jeremy and I were fairly successful with the girls – he’s a strapping lad who always manages to pull, and what I lack in looks I make up for with humour – Mark didn’t fair nearly so well. He’s not too bad looking, really, perhaps slightly geeky and thin, but his main problem is a lot of awkwardness when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. He always says exactly the wrong thing and seems totally unable to interpret signals, hints and come-ons, and being drunk only makes him even more inept. The closest he got to a holiday fling was managing to get a girl to go down to the beach with him. They talked for a few minutes before she started vomiting lavishly in his direction, and he ended up putting her in a cab back to her apartment without even getting her name first.

Arhh, poor Mark. Jez and I felt quite sorry for him and tried to help him out where we could, but he’d always manage to sabotage our efforts. So for the last few days of the holiday we avoided getting involved with any girls, telling Mark that we thought it was probably better if we just concentrated on ‘male-bonding’ for the remainder of the holiday.

Imagine my surprise, after all this, to meet up with Mark a few weeks after the holiday and discover that he was about to date his third escort girl in as many weeks! He confessed that his lack of success on holiday had given his ego a thumping, so he was making up for lost time now – his aim was to date at least as many London escorts as Jez and I had been with in Magaluf. He also explained that he hoped going on dates with blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London would give him a bit more essential experience in charming the ladies – and he didn’t need to worry too much whether they actually liked him!

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