Auri Returns to a Heroes

Auri is back and we’re very pleased. It was touch and go there as she disappeared back to her family in Cuba and we thought taht maybe the sun and the sea was going to keep her from us. As London Escorts go Auri is is pretty awesome and therefore we are very pleased that she decided to come back to us or rather you actually. What is it about Auri that has the other Escort Girls running scared?

Well firstly you just love the look. Nicely coffee coloured with a beaming smile and a friendly word for everyone. Then of course there is the boobs. I would say Auri has the more beautiful tits that I’ve ever seen. They are big but so firm with it and sculpted as if some ancient Italian sculptor had agonised over their construction for weeks pushing and prodding, moulding and squeezing them into the perfect shape.

The escorts london can offer you seldom match Auri in performance and that is why she has become one of your favourite models. She always has a smile on her face, always seems to see the best in people and enjoys meeting her clients. She has quite a few regular guys who book her again and again and that makes for a contented Escort in London who knows the value of the right attitude and how best to make a success of this Industry. if you want to join the Auri Fan club then please drop us a line and we’ll arrange that first date. Then you’ll know why we were so pleased to get her back.

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