The fucking Germans have done it to us again. Even though I knew it would happen, it still makes me want to firstly burst into tears and then hit someone…probably Sept Blatter, or a certain smug looking referee or the girl who sat next to me watching the game who was an enthusiastic soccer pundit yet I’m pretty sure was watching the first game of football she’d ever seen. What a nightmare, a German linesman combined with the crossbar of God and our players total ineptitude to see us on the plane home.

The question is…who to support now? Well despite history casting it’s shadow, for me it’s going to be Argentina. I know, Malvinas and all that, Maradona cheating and the 1966 ‘animals’ game where Sir Alf refused to let the England Players shake hands. I forgive then all that because they are playing the best football in the tournament….just like I would forgive the 1970 Brazil team if it transpired they were all shagging my wife..they’ve were THAT good and anyway I’d make some dosh on the video. No Argentina and in particular Messi are playing some mesmerising stuff and as a lifelong England supporter you get used to switching allegiances half way through the tournament.

Lets hope we see a great free flowing game this evening and I just love seeing Maradona jumping up and down like he’s on drugs or something..the passions clearly there but having him on the bench brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘linesman’ sniff sniff.

MESSI to score three today including one from a ricochet off Maradona left testicle

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