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The Escorts in London come from all walks of life and all nationalities. It never ceases to amaze me the diversity of backgrounds that our London Escorts have and we treat each one with the same respect and consideration and obviously expect you to do the same. I you are considering becoming one of the Escorts in London then i think you’ve made a wise choice in approaching Playful Escorts – London Most’s Popular Escort Agency. That’s because we try our best to look after the girls that work with us.

The way it works is that we act as agent for your services. That is, you pay us a flat fee per client for all the work we do on your behalf. Playful Escorts has a good reputation in the Escort Industry and that has been something that has taken time, effort and money to develop. We advertise heavily on the internet and promote our sites on google and other major search engines. That way you are guaranteed to get the maximum exposure possible. You also get all our admin services. That is that we man our office 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We then co ordinate all client bookings and handle dealings with your taxi driver (don’t worry we organise the taxi driver on your behalf as well) and make sure that you maximise your time and potential bookings.

Our reception staff are well trained and aim to ‘sell’ your services to potential customers…they’re not simple telephonists, the jobs a lot more involved than that. So in practical terms if you’re an established escort in London and you’re looking to change your escort agency then please consider Playful Escorts as an alternative.

If you’re new to the idea, then I hope you feel reassured that we can provide a service for you and look after you. being a London Escort is a challenging choice of career. It really does depend on your approach to the job, your mind set is the really important thing because you basically have to switch off a little and try to be objective about things. Let me reassure you, our clients are basically nice guys. They’re the guys that you meet in bars or clubs or at work, they are ordinary everyday men, they are your brothers and uncles and cousins, they are high flying executives and the taxi drivers who run them to the airport.. Basically they, like you, are from every walk of life and from every background.

Working as an Escort in London is a challenging choice of career, it seems a daunting option at first but once you’ve established yourself and have some regular clients (which you will do as many of our clients have their favourites) then you will start to relax and enjoy what can be very rewarding and satisfying work.

Just call us on 0208 965 8881 and ask to make an appointment to have a no obligations chat about it all. Take it easy. You can fill up this employment form to be a part of the Playful escorts agency

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