Apple and Escorts

As much as I have tried over the last years to be an individual and not give in to the overwhelming allure of Apple products I just cannot help it, just like with the sexy escorts London has to offer I have had to succumb to the beauty and appeal of Apple’s products to the point where my house looks like a mini Apple Store. It is impossible to ignore just how attractive Apple products are, they have this magnetism that seems to make them irresistible to most people. Every single product they make from iPods to iMac’s, computer keyboards to phone cases, everything that Apple make seems to be effortlessly gorgeous. I was sitting in the London escort HQ the other day and I found myself just stroking the screen of my iPhone for no apparent reason, I wasn’t doing anything with it, in actual fact I think that the battery had died so I have no idea why I was doing it I guess I was just appreciating the beauty. When I was caught doing this by one of the escorts in London and she asked why on earth I was stroking my phone as though it were my girlfriend (which it may as well be the amount of interest that I show in it.)

This got me thinking that a lot of people do indeed see certain well designed technological products as sexy, but is it possible to compare the sexiness of something like an iPhone to a gorgeous female like a London escort. Well the short answer is that of course it isn’t but there is absolutely no harm in appreciating the beauty of both as long as you do not neglect one for the other (especially do not neglect females for technology, that just makes you a bit strange.) I don’t think it is possible to compare the curves that can be found on the corner of an iMac to the wonderful curvaceous body of a busty escort in London. The real dilemma comes when you have to make the decision between which you would rather spend your hard earned money on? Would you rather go and spend a load of cash on a brand new iPod or a sexy Mac laptop or would you rather invest in spending time with a hot female by hiring a London escort.

It is not as easy a decision as it may appear, you can have fun with both and both of them are fantastic to look at. But what it comes down to is what you will remember more in a few years time. When that iPod has packed in and you have to buy a new one you will wish you had hired a London escort but the memory that you will have from spending time with a sexy escort will always be there

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