As if London didn’t have enough places that trapped you into shopping for hours, now we have another Westfield opening, I like to call it Westfield 2, yet another place for you to escort London girls on a weekend when you would much rather be at home watching the football. Londoners and non-Londoners alike will know the perils of visiting the Westfield shopping centre in west London, it is currently the biggest shopping centre in the whole of Europe and until you actually visit it you do not realise the sheer size of the whole place. I myself have been there quite a few times as it is on my way home from the London escort HQ and each time I forget just how big it is, there are so many different entrances that whenever I go in I completely forget where I am and where the shops that I want to go to are, it is very disorientating, add the fact that it is normally packed full of Londoners and tourists and you will find yourself feeling quite frustrated after only a short period of time walking around the shopping centre.

Even though every time I go there I visit pretty much the exact same stores I can never seem to find them and I am pretty much guaranteed to end up having to look at one of those giant digital map things that remind me a bit of a giant iPad. I do not really understand the shape of the building, you would usually expect it to be a square shape so there are four corners, but not Westfield, one of the escorts in London told me that it is some sort of hexagon shape which is what makes it so confusing. I recently took a trip down to Westfield with one of the London escorts and it made my life so much easier, as a female naturally she has visited the shopping centre a number of times, actually she has probably visited the shopping centre more times then I visit my own home but that is of course only going to be an advantage for me.

As we strolled around and I announced which of the stores that I wanted to go to she quite effortlessly took me straight there, it was fantastic, although it still took 15 minutes to get from one side to the other it was still quicker than if I had been by myself. With the new Westfield set to be even bigger and opening in East London at the end of the year all us guys will need one of the many escorts London has to offer to ….escort us around and stop us from being lost in an eternal Westfield maze., the perfect excuse to hire one of our girls I must say!

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