Annoying Adverts

There’s this advert that keeps popping up beside my email page (don’t you hate these by the way, especially the animated ones that send some kind of moving graphic whizzing across you page, obscuring whatever it is your trying to look at? Grrr..) for the pension planning firm Zurich. It shows a fit and strong looking old guy doing windsurfing! (Am really hoping this isn’t targeted advertising by the way). I guess they’re trying to show they don’t expect pensioners these days to necessarily be sat at home in front of the fire with a pipe and slippers – 70 is the new 50 etc, aren’t we trendy and up to date. Actually, every time this advert pops up on my screen while I’m working at the London escort offices, I get a of surge of guilt that I’m not spending my weekends climbing up mountains and doing watersports! Who are all these intrepid oldies?

The truth is, as realised by Zurich’s advertisers, being ‘old’ these days isn’t the same as being ‘old’ twenty or even just ten years ago. No one wants to be washed up when they’re only in their sixties – they could well expect to have another forty years ahead of them yet, so it’s way too early to be getting comfortable in their armchairs and darning socks to pass the time. Although I don’t know of too many people in their sixties and seventies who go windsurfing, it’s definitely the case that this age group are fitter and more active than they ever used to be – you even hear of old guys fathering children sometimes, without too much of a fuss. I’m always amazed at how many older gentlemen I see out and about, cycling, running, swimming etc. It’s quite embarrassing when I’m struggling along on my mountain bike just to have someone old enough to be my granddad go whizzing past on his. But it’s good, all this youthful vigour. Obviously the fewer people there are piling onto the scrap heap of old age, the less strain on society there is, and it is very encouraging to see much older folk still managing to get a lot out of life. I’ve always dreaded being old, but now I realise that this phase of my life doesn’t have to start until much later than I previously thought.

Often guys in their fifties will book a date with a blonde escort in London or busty escort in London – perhaps this is the age that many people emerge from long term relationships, kids having flown the nest etc, and want to get back on the dating scene but aren’t sure or confident enough about how to approach it. There are much fewer men in their sixties dating London escorts and I hope it’s not because they consider themselves too ‘old’. As discussed, many people in that age group could easily be perceived as much younger, and escort girls are used to people of all types and all ages. Youth is a state of mind!

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