Playful Escort Makes Three

We Britons have become a lot more open about our sexuality in the last few decades. Everything related to sex is out of the proverbial closet, and more people openly admit the things they do or would like to try with themselves, their partners, or random strangers. Now, I’ll admit to still being a bit reserved about sharing some things. And no, this isn’t false modesty rearing its head. Its just that opening up is a bit more of a process for people of my age group. Whereas those who’re just hitting adulthood – they’re accustomed to sharing their lives on Twitter and Facebook.

This age of freedom has its perks. Many things that would have remained a fantasy or been relegated to that we-did-this-one-drunk-summer-it-can-never-be-mentioned-moment are not so taboo anymore. Take the idea of couples arranging to date a London Escort. We get a few calls from women and their partners asking for one of our London Escorts to join them for a couple of hours. Sometimes its to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday. Other times, you get the sense that one or both people are just curious to share a date with a beautiful Blonde Escort.

Many of our escort girls are more than happy to see couples.  Escort Girls tend to be quite comfortable with their sexuality, so having your girlfriend there is often considered a perk, and adds an interesting dimension to the evening. Just make sure you’re both comfortable with the date – it is meant to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and we’d hate to think anyone wasn’t 100% comfortable. When you call to book, be sure to ask if the London Escort you’ve chosen is happy to date couples. We’ll let you know the fees for her time, confirm the meeting point and duration, and then its up to the three of you to have an enjoyable time. It may help to read the girls’ reviews that are posted on the site – there’s been some positive feedback from couples, especially for Paris.

So if dating a beautiful young lady something you’d like to explore as a couple, go ahead and give us a call. We’ll confirm your details and organise your meeting with one of our great, couple friendly Escort Girls. We’re sure the experience won’t disappoint, and who knows, it may even become one of those shared memories that bring a naughty smile to both your faces.

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