Amsterdam – The City of Escorts

Red Lanterns quarter is one of the most curious places in Amsterdam known for its numerous escort mansions. It is a city district where sensual pleasures can be found.

Red lanterns standing in escort mansions windows defined districts name. Here 24 hours a day fans of corporal entertainments can find all possible sensual pleasures that a Europe escort industry can offer.

Officially there are three areas of red lanterns: – De Vallen, the biggest and known among tourists. It occupies some quarters near ancient church Aude Kerk (Oude Kerk) and represents itself hundreds show-windows-dwellings.

Singelgebid (Singelgebied) near to Lijnbaan Steeg and Nieuwstraat and Rausdalkade (Ruysdaelkade) near to Sarfatiparka (Sarphatipark). All the escort mansions located here been legalized in 2000. Since then escort ladies officially became full members of a society, as well as all other citizens.

However in 2006 some of the escorts have been restricted by the authorities in a city. In return escorts trade union in Amsterdam has organized “Open door” when any interested person could glance in an escort lady bedroom to see a free pip-show.

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