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UK Escorts are enjoying a great deal of media attention in recent weeks. Hardly a day goes by when a story involving an escort girl is not to be found in the tabloids. As you can expect, most of the stories are less than flattering, portraying a very selective view of what the escort industry is like. In case you’ve been hearing about some of these alleged escort girls, but are unsure as to the full story, here’s a roundup of the basic details.
Jennifer Thompson – this 21 year old self confessed escort girl is at the centre of new infidelity allegations facing England striker Wayne Rooney. She says she slept with Rooney several times while his wife Coleen was pregnant. She also alleges to have bedded more than 13 premiership footballers as well during her stint as an escort girl in Manchester. Jennifer has since been portrayed as a party girl with a craving for fame, and has highlighted the ‘growing’ number of middle class girls who view escorting as a viable income earner. Since selling her story to the press, she has found herself as the centre of great attention, which has extended to her family. Her father’s heart attack following the allegations was covered by the press.
Chloe Heald – aka Chloe Mafia. The 19 year old single mother’s status as an escort is somewhat disputed, although all the evidence points to it, including an active profile on a leading escort services site. With her daring clothes and dramatic make up, Chloe definitely set tongues wagging at the beginning of this year’s X-Factor. Her vocal skills may be in doubt, but this young lady has had campaigners chastising the talent show’s bosses for allegedly promoting prostitution. In the meantime, the teen is trying to be as savvy as possible, cashing in all the opportunities the show has brought her way.
Zayna Ellemore – brought up in a conservative Muslim home, this escort girl thoroughly enjoys the high life that her work allows her to fund. She lives in a beautiful flat, drives a nice car, and can afford the best in clothes and lingerie. For her, escorting was a straight forward career choice, allowing her to experience the kind of glamorous life she’d always wanted without some of the struggles experienced by others choosing more conventional paths. She doesn’t deny though, that, like every other job, there are sometimes when you just need to do what is required.

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