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“Age is nothing but a number”, we have all heard that term banded about as well as “ you are only as young as you feel”, I often hear many of the sexy escorts London has to offer using these phrases when trying to comfort me about my failing knees when I try to play football and my lack of fitness but it can really be an issue when you start to feel like you are getting on a bit, but it only takes the injection of a sexy young thing like an escort in London to change all that. There must be some of you out there that have gone through the traumatic realisation that you cannot really count yourself as young any more. There are a number ways that this can occur, sometimes it is simply by looking at an old picture of yourself from your teenage years where you realise that you look a lot slimmer and a lot more spiritedly, you had less facial hair and you looked so young and free. Another way that it can occur is when you are around a large group of younger people and you realize that you are really not one of them. This is exactly what happened to me the other day and I have spent all day today at the London escort HQ thinking about it, and I am not best pleased.

I was enjoying my weekly full service massage in London the other day when a friend of mine gave me a call, he invited me to his younger sisters party, it was her 21st and I have known her since she was very young so of course I said that I would try my best to make it, it was in a club quite close to where I was so I thought I would just pop in after my sensual massage in London. When my full service massage was over I headed straight to the club and immediately when I got there I noticed that many of the people in the que looked decidedly younger than me, I assumed that they were probably around 17/18 and thought nothing of it, eventually I got into the club and realized that those same people were the friends of my mates sister. I asked him how old they were and he said roughly the same age as her, maybe 21/22, and this shocked me as to me they just looked like quite young kids and this is when I realized that I must be getting a bit old.

As the night went on this started to sink in more and more as these youngsters seemed so much more energetic and full of life, I had to get myself on their level somehow so I decided to give one of the London escorts a call to see if she wanted to come down, she obliged and after partying with her for as little as 10 minutes I felt as though I was young again, until she was gone of course!

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