Walk in The Park With a Escort

Picture, if you will, taking a trip to your favourite park or gardens on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Perhaps Clapham Common, or Richmond Park, or that little verge by the river at Kingston Upon Thames. You arrive alone and get comfortable on the grass in a nice spot, not too close to all the families flying their kites and kicking footballs around, but close enough to soak up the atmosphere. You look around and notice that practically everyone has company – it’s all families, couples or groups of teenagers. Suddenly, you realise that despite being surrounded by people you feel strangely alone, and decide to just take a nap for a while in the hope that you can forget your aloneness. So you lie back on the warm ground, the sun falling hotly on your cheeks, your eyelids glowing a fierce orange, and begin to snooze as the shouts of excited children rise and fall in the air all around. After a few minutes you’re awoken by something blocking the light and you sense someone very close to you. Opening your eyes and squinting, you can just make out a vision of beauty smiling down at you. It’s a stunning blonde woman, young and radiant, wearing a sunhat and carrying a picnic hamper. She grins from ear to ear and says ‘Richard? Angie’. You grin back and drag yourself up to greet her properly, wishing you hadn’t fallen asleep and gotten all groggy. Standing up and looking right at her you can see just how completely lovely she is – her sweet, fresh face and cascading blonde hair, golden skin, full lips and bosom, and a pert bottom in a cute pair of denim shorts. Almost feeling as if you’re still in your dream you sit down with Angie and begin to share with her the picnic she’s brought. You chat happily together and work your way through the sandwiches, grapes and chocolate. She’s even brought a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses! You soak it all in – the sunny park, the tasty food, and the gorgeous girl acting for all the world as if she were your fiancée. It’s tempting to wish it’d never end, but then Angie leans over and whispers in your ear ‘Let’s go back to your place’. Well, who are you to disrupt her plans?!

Although you might think all this sounds like a dream or an impossible fantasy, it’s actually a reality that hundreds of people get to live through on a regular basis, even if they’re not in a relationship with anyone. You shouldn’t have to have a girlfriend to enjoy this kind of beautiful companionship – everyone needs it. Luckily, blonde escorts in London, black escorts in London and busty escorts in London exist to meet these needs – to provide you with your ultimate fantasy, whatever it happens to be.

So don’t look at everyone around you, envying what they have – call a London escort and you can have it too!


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