A Tricky Question Asked by Escort

Any football fans out there will have been permanently glued to their screen last night as the infamous January transfer window slammed shut. The last day of the transfer window is always quite an exciting day/evening as you just never know what is going to happen. You sit there riddled with anticipation as you wonder if it will be your team that pulls of the biggest transfer coup by signing that player that you have so sorely needed or will one of your rivals lose one of their top players to someone else? It is all a very exciting and intense experience that is inevitably expertly covered by Sky Sports News as they come up with all number of graphics and video montages to display who might be going where and for how much. I think if a lot of guys that are really into their football were asked whether they would pay a fee for the privilege of watching all the transfer stories unfold on January 31st a lot of them would probably agree to pay it.

Whilst sitting in the London escort HQ, glued to the screen I watched with baited breath as one of the escorts in London asked the question “how does the money actually change hands? Does someone just show up with a briefcase and hand over the money in exchange for the player or do they just do a bank transfer?”.

For a second I sat and thought to myself “it’s just one of the London escorts being annoying and asking me silly questions”, but then it occurred to me that I do not actually know the answer to this question. How does the money actually change hands? I know obviously that a man doesn’t show up with a briefcase full of £50.00 notes whilst the other man shows up with the player handcuffed to his wrist until the money has been counted and verified. But I do wonder if it really is as simple as a bank transfer or if there is some other more complicated process to move £50,000,0000 from one football clubs coffers to another. When you actually think about it the thought of paying millions of pounds for a footballer is quite a weird concept considering they are a person, it is almost like selling slaves in the olden days.

Anyway, this showed me that perhaps I don’t know everything about football as much as I like to think that I do, I was asked a question by a London escort and I could not actually answer it. I felt almost as foolish as someone that just paid £50,000,000 for a football player!

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