A Tourists Guide

I love London. I’ve travelled a fair bit in my time but always ended up back here. Having said that, there are things about London that I don’t like. Firstly I hate the journey on the tube from Heathrow. Its the first impression that a Tourist visiting London gets. There first impression and frankly its disappointing. The trains are dirty and a little dated and the overground part of the journey has the track and surrounds covered in rubbish.

What must the unsuspecting tourists think, having just been mugged for the train fare, hurded into an overcrowded train and then treated to that as a view. Compare it with the train at Hong Kong or Tokyo or even Paris. Personally I’d make keeping that track side clean the sole job of the Asbo Boys. Seems perfect justice to me…take all those lazy, anti social louts who swagger around our Inner city estates ‘shanking’ each other and abusing the silent majority and put them to work to ensure that us Londoners can hold our heads high and get the kind of welcome that ALL visitors to London deserve.

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