A Tall Dark Stranger

When I was first getting to know my girlfriend, I offered her a lift home from the pub one night, to which she, only half-jokingly replied ‘But my mum told me not to talk to strangers, or accept lifts from them!’ Luckily she believed I wasn’t a psychopath and accepted the lift, kicking off our relationship (2 years ago now, before I’d even begun working at the London escort agency).

It’s quite interesting how trained we are to ‘not talk to strangers’ when we’re little. My parents always said it to me, as did virtually all other adults, and I even remember attending assemblies on the issue which instructed children how to avoid being taken in by strangers. This conditioning is almost as strong as that which trains girls to like dolls and boys to like model aeroplanes.

Back then the ‘stranger’ in question was always some mythical cloaked figure lurking facelessly by the school gates. I never met this mysterious man, thank God, but even now I still remember that image when I think of the threat of ‘strangers’. Of course as I grew up I realise that strangers come in all shapes and sizes and may pose threats for a whole variety of reasons. My brother warned me never to ‘give too much away’ about myself, and we’re constantly warned about the dangers of fraud and identity threats as a result of being open or careless with our personal information. Yet, at the same time, we learn that it is essential to meet new people, be able to socialise and ‘network’, build relationships and place a certain amount of trust in people we don’t know. We hear new phrases like ‘strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet’, and are encouraged to get out there and learn to mingle.

Despite the new way of relating to strangers that we have to practice as adults, I believe we’re still sometimes held back by our years of conditioning. Many people have social phobias, particularly when it comes to meeting new people, and we quite often avoid being too close to those we don’t know, such as on public transport. This wariness can spill over into other areas, making it difficult to meet someone to fall in love with for example. Most people get very nervous about going on dates, and the nerves are worse if you don’t know the other person very well, especially if it’s a blind date.

I think this fear holds some people back when it comes to dating escorts, which is a shame because of what they’re missing out on. A good examination of the Playful website tells you all you need to know about dating a blonde escort in London, or a busty escort in London, or whatever is your preference. Not only is there a selection of very clear photos of each girl, but also a full description is given as well as reviews from previous clients. So no nasty surprises when you meet. Dating London escorts is one very good reason NOT to be afraid of talking to ‘strangers’.

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