A rite of passage

I don’t know if anyone else has been as bored as me on Tuesday evenings over the last few weeks, but as an unfortunate but actually quite enjoyable result of my boredom I have been watching a show on BBC3 called ‘Sun, sex and suspicious parents’. Just from the title you know that it is a show that only the folks over at BBC3 would be capable of producing. As the fantastic title suggests it deals with the issues of sun, sex and suspicious parents. Each episode follows a couple of teenagers and their respective groups of mates as they jet off to one of the many small islands that we Brits invade over the summer holidays…. Ibiza, Zante and Malia to name but a few. In each of the episodes the cameras follow the teens around whilst they drink themselves into oblivion and make complete idiots of themselves, but what they do not know is that their ‘suspicious parents’ are actually there too, watching their every move on TV screens and via a bit of SAS style spying. What I realised whilst watching this show, apart from the fact that these parents were a bit weird to want to follow their teenagers every move on holiday is that the thought of going to those kind of places now that I am that bit older is really off putting. I honestly think that I would much prefer to hire a sexy London escort and go for a nice relaxing break with her, am I getting old?

I remember my first one of these holidays, as with most people it was straight after my A-levels and I honestly remember thinking that I would never ever tire of going on this kind of trip with my mates. What’s not to love? Sun, sea, alcohol, mates and loads of females! But watching those shows and seeing it all again really doesn’t fill me with any real desire to do any of again. I much prefer the idea of grabbing one of our hot escorts in London and just lounging around on a beach with her for a week, sounds a whole lot better than drinking myself into a coma for 7 days whilst running around trying to stick my tongue down as many throats as I possibly can.

If you are of the same thought pattern then don’t forget that you can hire our girls anytime for however long you like as the London escorts are in call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so a week away with one is no problem. Just make sure your parents aren’t following you around the whole time!

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