A Minute of Pure Joy

There’s nothing like a video to have people thinking about the possibilities. Something about seeing the movements of someone, experiencing the warmth of the smile in motion rather than in a simple photograph can be very appealing. I think it reassures us that the person actually exists, and this is certainly very important when it comes to escorts in London.

Playful Escorts, London’s most popular escort agency, is now doing video profiles for our escort girls. You can now appreciate the natural beauty of many of the ladies listed on our site. We know that many of our clients have vivid imaginations, but its always nice to be able to have a little raw material to work with. In this case, a video showcasing genuine girls who could help you act out your favourite fantasy. You can see for yourself that the blond escort you’ve been thinking about booking a date with really has that wonderful pale crown of glory. Her curves are very real, that skin is just as golden as her photos said it was, and she has a naughty smile that tells you that whatever you may have planned for your date, chances are she’s more than up for it.

There are all sorts of videos available for guys to sit and watch and fantasise. What makes ours different is that you have the opportunity to sit and watch and act out these fantasies with the lady in the video.  This does not have to be an unfulfilled dream. No, you have a very real opportunity to meet with and get to know this gorgeous escort girl. You could take her to have a drink at one of London’s many trendy bars, sharing an intimate tete a tete while other guys look on in envy. Our escort girls London are very friendly ladies, who are quite adventurous and open minded. Sharing your thoughts of her video may well fascinate her, and you may find you have some common ground on which to make your date even more interesting and exciting.

Playful Escorts knows that many of you are concerned that the girls you see on other sites very often are not the girls who turn up when you book them. Rest assured, this does not happen with us. So you can enjoy a brief video of a gorgeous woman knowing that you will soon be enjoying her company.

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