A Merry Xmas Without The Mahem

My friend, who before he spoke to me wasn’t familiar with London Escorts, always has a dilemma on Christmas Eve. He just doesn’t know what he should be doing on that particular evening. “Other nights are more clear-cut”, he said. “On Christmas Day and Boxing Day – well that’s all family time, isn’t it? Whether you like them or not. You all get together, exchange gifts you don’t really like, eat too much dinner and receive slobbery kisses on the ear from your gran. It’s just all part of the tradition. You don’t have to enjoy it. You just get it over with, and know that it’ll be another year before you have to do it again. And as for New Year’s Eve – that’s the official party night. Out with friends at some bar you’ve paid £10 to get into (and normally get into for free), or else maybe at a house party somewhere drinking wine out a plastic beaker in a gloomy, cold kitchen. But what’s the right thing to do on Christmas Eve? We never used to go out or anything, when I was a kid. It was a family night – our parents offered us Babycham and made us stay in and watch the telly with them. This was enforced until we were 20! Now though I try to avoid prolonging the family-duty part of Christmas by not arriving until midday, when the turkey’s already half-done”.

I asked my friend why he doesn’t simply go out with pals, like most of us do. He explained that it just feels wrong somehow. Christmas Eve is supposed to be a bit special, even magical, and this is quickly dissipated after a few hours out on the town sinking vodkas and red bulls, fending off brassy girls who don’t understand that you could possibly be saying ‘No’ to them. And I hate waking up on Christmas morning feeling drained/hung-over. I’m getting old! Need to save my liver for New Years! So what do you think I should do, this Christmas Eve? And don’t suggest staying in! I’d just be feeling sad and lonely and unloved!”

Of course, I had the perfect solution to offer him. Why not book a magical evening through a bespoke London Escort company such as ‘Playful’? Escorts in London have a lot of business this time of year, I told him. Maybe there are a lot of men who feel conflicted on Christmas Eve, and just want to have a memorable night in the company of someone really special.

‘Playful’ is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – perfect for short-notice bookings, particularly over holidays when you want to make the most of your free time, or find yourself without plans for the festive period. Rather than agonise over what you should be doing or whom you should be spending time with – take the simple and most rewarding option, buy yourself the best Christmas present and book a date with one of our beautiful, quality London Escorts.

The great thing about the service is that you can make it as simple, or elaborate as you like. If you just want someone to help you decorate the tree while looking even more gorgeous than the Christmas fairy, then that’s exactly what you can have. There are Blonde Escort fairies or Busty Escort fairies galore. Or whatever kind of fairy you want.

If you desire an exciting night out with some ‘wow’ factor, our girls will be happy to accompany you to the theatre, the opera etc, followed by dinner and a rickshaw ride! She’ll dress up as a saucy Mrs Clause if you need everything to be extra Christmassy!

Last year our girls enjoyed all kinds of winter/Christmas themed dates with customers who later reported they’d had the best Christmas of their lives. One girl had a romantic dinner date at a top-notch London restaurant followed by a ‘sleigh’ ride in Hyde Park, another attended a festive cooking workshop and another simply visited her date at his home for a long, relaxed evening in front of a log fire. The night can be whatever you want it to be, with whomever you want it to be with. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

And remember, these girls don’t want to be sitting at home on Christmas Eve either – I’m sure they would much rather be out having a fabulous time with our valued customers, enjoying the attention they would surely be receiving. London Escorts want Christmas to be as special as you do.

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