A Great Date

What makes a great date as far as your London Escort girl is concerned? There are basic things that you can get right. Firstly be clean…one of the biggest turn offs as far as our girls are concerned is if you don’t smell sweet so please do your best to get clean before your date. Secondly our London Escorts like a respectful guy…this is a fundamental, mutual respect is essential. Then it’s venue, they love to be wined and dined, taken to a favourite restaurant or hotel or a dance club for the evening. All girls have their favourites just ask…the longer dates are great as the girls like the opportunity to get to know you guys a little.

If your schedule or your wallet doesn’t stretch to an evening then please at least take a few minutes at the beginning of your date to introduce yourself and put the girl and hopefully yourself in a nice relaxed mood. Our London Escorts really do prefer it if your not too pissed. No one likes kissing someone who reeks of booze and so please if possible try to avoid the drink until you arrive. Why not bring a bottle with you and share it with your date that way you both get a little squify together, much nicer.

In terms of your looks, I wouldn’t worry too much. Everyone has different tastes and our London Escorts are no different in that respect. Some like the young studs with boundless energy, some like older guys who tend to be more sophisticated and charming. As with any date, the ability to make a girl laugh is always going to be the thing that really makes things go with a swing and that’s down to your personality and not how you look.

Get the above fundamentals right and you stand the best chance of getting your perfect date…Good Luck.

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