A Dream Come True

When you take a look at our girls, sometimes I have to pinch myself. Of course we have all sorts, some girls attributes are less obvious than others, some have their appeal more in performance rather than their beauty. However there is no doubt we have some stunning girls on our books at the moment.

I think this is in part a consequence of the economic climate which has hit the more expensive Escort Agencies…obviously if you can get away with fleecing someone for 250 gbp for an all too brief hour then the temptation will be there. The other reason I’m hoping is that Playful’s reputation as an Agency that looks after its girls is encouraging the more beautiful women to give us a try.

The bottom line is that our girls understand that it’s all well and good being a gbp 250+ an hour escort, but if it means you’re sitting at home waiting for a phone call then its an empty boast. Our girls are busy, thats a good thing for you…because being busy is what keeps them happy…and when the girls are happy, it reflects in the way you guys get treated. So everyone’s happy !!

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