Keeping up With Health Issues of Escorts

I have to admit to being something of a hypochondriac, though I’m not as bad as I used to be. As a child I’d read medical encyclopaedias and convince myself I had all of the symptoms described for my ‘disease of the day’. Notable favourites were appendicitis, meningitis and pneumonia. It’s amazing how I could fit all my little aches and pains into the context of a burst appendix, infected brain or collapsed lung. I’d torture myself for hours that my symptoms were getting worse and I’d be dead by the next day – needless to say I woke up bright and healthy in the morning, the previous days’ near-fatal ailment all but forgotten.

I think it’s good generally, to be very aware of your health as long as you don’t obsess about it. The London escorts are very health-conscious, especially as they worry about the effect on their looks that any illness might have. They know it’s important to glow with youthful vitality, and so spend a lot of time exercising, eating well and consuming a bewildering array of vitamins and supplements. They always look so bloody good though, I always feel they must be hiding the secret elixir of health from the rest of us. There’s no way a daily dose of vitamin c can make you look that fantastic!

I believe very much in psychosomatic effects these days – i.e. the state of your mind affecting your health. Some people are convinced that you can actually give yourself bad diseases just by believing that you have them – the best reason I’ve found for avoiding hypochondria as an adult. Still, I do sometimes fall prey to colds and flu that I’ve practically invited into my body. I’ve discovered that the worst thing you can do on realising you have a bit of a sniffle or a sore throat is to go into ‘cold mode’, for example telling yourself that you’re ‘getting a cold’ or ‘coming down with something’. That’s it then, game over. Once you’ve decided you’ve got a cold, you may as well go straight to the shops and purchase a huge box of tissues and week’s supply of Lemsip. Far better to deny any possibility of a cold – just tell yourself you’ve got a bit of a sore throat and that’s it, probably from not drinking enough water that day. Then forget about it, and a good percentage of the time the symptoms will clear up and leave you snot free and healthy.

Busty escorts in London, and blonde escorts in London, find it very difficult to be alluring with a runny nose and red eyes, and it’s not much fun for the clients either! So they’ve had to learn the same techniques to avoid getting colds in the first place, and it really does seem to work. You’ll never see a London escort sniffing and complaining about ‘escort flu!’


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