Enjoy Bushstock & Woodstock event with brunette escorts in London

Everyone should know what Woodstock was; back in August of the year 1969 it was a three day event of music that has been named as one of the fifty moments that changed the history of Rock and Roll by Rolling Stone. Bushstock is another similar type of music festival but it´s not quite as big as Woodstock was. Woodstock ran an extra day and was four days long. (Originally scheduled for three) Over thirty acts were on and viewed by around 400,000 persons. Bushstock is a good place to take a brunette escorts from Playful Escorts.

Bushstock is going to have more than 40 bands playing throughout the day being shown at 5 different venues. (Woodstock had just 32) June 13th is the big day for this event. Playful escorts has lovely brunette escorts in London that would love to accompany you to such an event to enjoy all the festivities. Back in the late 60´s and early 70´s everyone was in to “Flower Power” and “Make love not war” Everyone was pretty open about their sexuality and they would even have what you would call an orgies. (Many persons all drinking celebrating and having sex with multiple partners)

Playful Escorts has escorts that will provide just about any service you are looking for. Some girls may be willing to provide fantasy acts, mild to light dominance (Generally only giving) Duo Escort experiences, three ways, (MMF) to couples services (MFF) and some of their girls will provide services one on one with another woman. If by chance you do not care for Brunette Escorts they have blondes, red heads and others available. They have a nice selection of Eastern European beauties, Russians, Ebony girls and ones from other various countries as well.

If you decide to go out by yourself and try scoring on your own at the event that you have chosen that can also be a good idea because it likely will save you some money. Just make sure you bring some protection if you happen to get lucky. Never have unprotected relations with anyone. If anyone ever offers I would say run the other way! If you don´t have any luck you can always book Elite Escorts or other Incall Escorts from Playful for a fun, safe and good time.

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