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Bayswater is a highly cosmopolitan area. This urban district is the destination of many businessmen completing transactions and making deals while in the area. The place is also popular for its many hotel chains, making it the leading destination of travellers. Book a room and a girl as you drive over to Bayswater. If you do, your stay here is going to be more than worthwhile for sure.

You can get a room from the many hotels operating in the area. As for the girls, you can always count on Playful Escorts : London Escorts agency to provide you with the very best companion during your stay here. Playful Escorts is the premier source of female escorts in Bayswater. just refer to this gallery of  BAYSWATER  STREET ESCORT and you can book beautiful ladies from them as well.

Enjoying life filled with pleasure in Bayswater is easy. The beautiful Bayswater escort girls are all you need to make each day of your stay as happy as it can be. Leave the area a very satisfied man. Date a different lady every night for the best experience. The Bayswater escorts are the women that could make your wild fantasies come true. So if you are ready for some adventure tonight, these ladies can give it all to you.

Playful Escorts offers only the finest busty escorts, blonde escorts and brunette escorts in the Bayswater, London. You will not find ladies of this quality or who enjoy their work as much with any other London escort agency.

Enjoy a romantic, sensual and relaxing evening with one of our elite Bayswater escort. We have a online London escorts reservations form for our clients to use for advance bookings or you can e-mail us or call on 020 8965 8881 OR 020 8965 8886.


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Sasha is one of our freshest girls and she’s a little new to Escorting at just 19 years old and as a result is slightly hesitant and a little unsure of herself. That's understandable even though we were quick to reassure her about your decent character and good manners... we just need to give her a little time. I personally think she's very pretty but she just doesn't realize it and because of that, she lacks a little confidence and maybe doesn't showcase herself as best she could. All that works in your favor because it makes for a truly genuine date... A real encounter with a sweet girl who just wants to make sure she's doing it right. It is important for her and all of our girls to know that we guys are gentle and loving... Once Sasha realizes that, I’m sure she'll respond and then the possibilities are mind blowing. So go easy... take a little time to introduce yourself and get to know her. Gain her confidence and then I think you're in for a real treat with this beautiful young girl.

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