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Here you have found our ultimate listing for our girls. Yes they are all listed here for your easy viewing. Yes it may seem to go on and on forever and if it´s a little too much to take in at once just hover over the search galleries at the top of the screen to break them down in to your preferred type. We should have them all covered pretty well for you.

It’s impressive isn’t it and all at the same budget price of £110 per hour. (with a few exceptions) Somewhere here surely is your dream date. They cover most of your favourite things from passionate Latina’s to cool Russian beauties. Some are very experienced and will give you an hour of unbridled action others are the GFE that you love with their hint of innocence and a genuine response to your touch. We have the smooth skinned teenagers and the experience of the mature escort. Only you know what you are looking for but can I ask that you call us because we also have some fantastic girls who, for their own reasons, don’t appear on the website. Sometimes I wonder how we cope with all these girls!




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Some girls will...some girls won't...some girls need a lot of lovin and err...some girls don't....Irina 'will' and she craves the lovin. I had a cat like that once...always purring, always wanting to be sitting on your lap and snuggling up. Then the going rate was a tin of Whiskers and a flea collar. Now pussy comes a little more expensive but with so many added perks. Irina is house trained and very clean. She can lick her own bottom and loves curling up on your lap. Gives us a call and let this feline femme fatale in through your front door.

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